RJ45 Connector/Transformer

RJ45 Connector/ Transformer: The Stable Connector Solution with Capability of Both Efficient Data and Power Transmission

RJ refers to "registered jack" and is a communication interface that complies with international standards. Currently, the RJ45 ICM connector is the most common and is widely used in network communications, such as security monitoring, smart home, audio equipment, data center, and factory automation, industrial control, electric vehicles and other fields.

RJ45 connector is a modular interconnection device that contains 8 pins and 8 wire points. When paired with cables, it can provide data communication for a variety of electronic systems and can be used to transmit power.

The RJ45 connector with RJ45 transformer can also filter out high-frequency interference signals, thus enhance the capabilities to stabilize the signal and anti-interference. These kind of RJ45 connector can extend the transmission distance and improve data transmission efficiency.

The main reasons of RJ45 connectors with RJ45 transformers can optimize transmission performance are:

1.  The RJ45 transformer is processed with reasonable wiring, grounding, masking, filtering, spatial separation and grooming techniques to isolate the chip connection part from the outside. Therefore, those can effectively block external interference, increase the protection effect and avoid damage to the chip such as lightning strikes.

2.  Strengthen the transmission signal and distance.

3.  Improve the practicality and adaptability of the connector, and be compatible with different electrical level, making the use of the network port more convenient, reducing user burden, and achieving higher effect.

COMOSS provides a variety of RJ11 and RJ45 connector products, such as RJ45 with transformer, full plastic, combination form, SMT/ DIP style, 90 degree/ upright/ bevel, 1X1/ 1XN/ 2XN (up to 16 ports) and further customized products that can be designed according to clients’ applications. COMOSS connector products are all complied with UL.

RJ45 connector optional designs, including:

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  1. Excellent shielding performance, which can eliminate the influence of EMI/RFI.
  2. The product meets IEC 60603-7 specifications and provides stable electrical connection and transmission with high reliability.
  3. Diverse RJ45 connector options, suitable for various product structures and appearances, PCB surface or through-hole plug-in welding.
  4. Integrated magnetic components can optimize transmission signal and isolation protection, thus providing protection for hardware and connections.



  • Electrical industry- UPS application
  • Consumer electronics- notebook and home appliance application
  • Security industry- monitoring equipment application
  • Factory automation
  • Industrial control
  • Industrial robots (manufacturing and assembly)
  • Test & measurement systems
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems & devices
  • Internet of Things (IoT) network devices

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  • RJ45 Connector/Transformer feature
  • RJ45 Connector/Transformer feature
  • RJ45 Connector/Transformer feature
General Specifications
Connector Style Gender Number of Pins Others
RJ11, RJ45 Male/Female 4P4C, 6P6C 8P8C, 10P10C, 10P8C Gold Plating for contact, can be shielded

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