Pogo Pin/Pogo Pin Connetor

Pogo Pin is a spring-type probe formed by riveting three basic components: Plunger, Barrel, and Spring. COMOSS offers Pogo Pin, Pogo Pin connectors, magnetic connectors, and magnetic charging cable. The product benefits can offer high-speed data transmission and fast charging, the charging current is more than 3A.

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  1. The standard surface process is gold-plating, which has well oxidation resistance and excellent conductivity. The contact resistance does not exceed 20 mΩ.
  2. Turnig parts Pogo pin does not require mold making. The size can be adjusted according to product design.
  3. Various spring materials are available for precise &stable elasticity and long service life. Different elasticities can also be adjusted according to customer needs.
  4. The working height can be customized and fulfills the request of extreme low or high.
  5. Vertical mounting can avoid gold stripping and copper exposure.


  • Smart wearable device
  • Mobile communications
  • Digital camera
  • Automobile
  • Medical instruments
  • Drone
  • Smart robot
  • Smart home
  • Educational & entertainment consumer electronics
  • Military & aerospace

COMOSS offers wide range of Pogo Pin and Pogo Pin Connectors, those products provide customized service to meet clients’ needs. 
  • Pogo Pin: DIP、SMT、Double Ended、Solder Cup、Bending Type、Side Mounted
  • Pogo Pin Connector: 2PIN DIP、3PIN DIP、2PIN SMT、8PIN SMT、8PIN Bending Type
  • Magnetic Pogo Pin Connector: 7PIN Circular、3PIN Circular、8PIN HT、HT 2PIN、21PIN TK、31PIN TK、5PIN、4PIN
  • Magnetic Pogo Pin Cable: 7PIN、3PIN、4PIN、2PIN HT、3PIN HT、12PIN TK、31PIN TK
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General Specifications
Connector Style Gender Number of pins Mount Type Others
Pogo Pin Pin / Pad base on requirement SMT / DIP …

Customized Service

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