POF Managed/Unmanaged Switch

Professional customized fiber optic switch and can include Giga BIT Ethernet port or POF transceiver. It can fully support the flow control full duplex and high-speed data transmission in the plastic optical fiber interface. Equipped with LED indicators to show the activity status of each port. The product can be plug and play without other additional settings. The customized switch series can be fully compatible with IEEE 802.3 / 802.3u fast Ethernet network data communication standards. This solution can be used for any fast Ethernet LAN, FTTH or xDSL application. 

COMOSS Plastic Optical Fiber Managed Switch is a customized plastic optical fiber Gigabit Ethernet managed switch that integrates many of the latest technology features and functions.  With the switch's management function, the network traffic can be separated and optimized. Gigabit Ethernet connections on all ports (POF, SFP, RJ45) can provide full-speed data transmission. Static routing with Layer 2 function can help route internal traffic to make more effective use of network resources. IP-MAC port binding, ACL, port security, DoS defense, storm control, DHCP snooping, and 802.1X authentication provide a reliable security strategy. L2/L3/L4 QoS (Quality of Service, QoS is a control mechanism that provides different priorities for different users or different data streams, or according to the requirements of the application, to ensure that the performance of the data stream reaches a certain level. ) and IGMP monitoring can optimize voice and video applications. With dual IPv4/IPv6 stacks, MLD listening. Web, CLI (console port, Telnet, SSH), SNMP, RMON and dual image provide a wide range of management strategies. Products can pass CE/FCC certification. 


  • Authentication based on IEEE 802.1X MAC. 
  • VLAN ports supported in any combination. 
  • IEEE 802.1D/W/S spanning tree protocol support. 
  • Use Avago optical transceivers for multiple optical ports of 1mm SI-POF. 
  • Available for adding the open slot of the SFP interface. 
  • RJ45 electrical port supports standard Ethernet 802.3 (10/100/1000BASE-T): 
    -Support Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE), including EEE buffer for old MAC devices. 
    -IEEE1588 version 2-time stamp and synchronous Ethernet (Synchronous) Clock recovery. 
  • Adopt KD-POF photoelectric IC.
  • Fully integrated Gigabit/Fast Ethernet POF transceiver, suitable for industrial applications with serial digital interface. -Long distance (100 Mbps at 150 Mbps) or gigabit (1 Gbps at 50 m).
  •  L2/L3/L4 QoS and IGMP snooping optimize voice and video application. 
  • The POF transmission speed is up to 1Gbps. 


  • Plastic optical fiber home network integration application
  • Commercial network integration application of plastic optical fiber
  • Plastic optical fiber military network integration application 
  • Industrial automation plastic optical fiber network integration application 
  • Integrated application of plastic optical fiber network in green energy Industry 
  • POF Managed/Unmanaged Switch feature
  • POF Managed/Unmanaged Switch feature
  • POF Managed/Unmanaged Switch feature

Customized Service

Data Sheet

File Type Product Name File Name Version Size
PDF 100Mbps POF Switch Hub 5 Ports (Layer 2) COMOSS 100Mbps POF Switch Hub 5 Ports (Layer 2)_Brochure.pdf 738.97 KB
PDF PSW Series 24-Port Switch COMOSS PSW Series 24-Port Switch_Brochure.pdf 754.73 KB
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