Plastic Optical Fiber Connectors

Cable assemblies are available in a convenient range of lengths for use, and plugs are available in both gray and blue colors. 
The crimpless connectors are for use with standard 1 mm core with 2.2 mm plastic optical fiber jacketing. 
This series of connectors was designed with ease of use in mind. The simple latching function securely fixes POF cable to the plug without the need for a crimp tool. This flexibility allows for a reduction in labor and associated costs. 
This series of connectors are compatible with RedLink® or Versatile Link transmitters and receivers. 


  • Cost-effective, rugged optical links   
  • Easy cable termination with no crimp tool   
  • Simplex/duplex termination   
  • Compatible with 2.2 mm POF   
  • Industrial temperature range 
  • Compatible with RedLink® and Versatile Link fiber optic transmitters and receivers    


  • Control links within high voltage electrical control equipment   
  • Data communication where extreme immunity to EMI is required   
  • Links between equipment that require electrical isolation to be maintained   
  • Rugged links in hostile environments   
  • Industry, transport, medical, renewable energy, power transmission, power electronics, automation, robotics, control drives and others 
General Specifications
Model Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Installation Temperature Retention Force, Connector to Transceiver (+25°C) Retention Force, Connector to Transceiver (‐40°C + 85°C) Insertion Force, Connector to Transceiver (+25°C) Press Force Termination (simplex) Tensile Stress Connector/Cable Durability, Mating Cycles Fixing Method UL Flame Resistant Rating Material
Simplex Friction Plug (non-latching) ‐40~85 °C ‐40~85 °C 0~70 °C 8 N 3 N 8 N - - 500 Crimp - -
Simplex Latching Plug ‐40~85 °C ‐40~85 °C 0~70 °C 47 N 11 N 35 N - - 500 Crimp - -
Crimpless Friction Plug ‐40~85 °C ‐40~85 °C 0~70 °C 8 N 8 N 30 N 50 N 30 N - - V2 Makrolon 2405

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