Dual-Side Stripping Machine

Manually stripping conductors, it has high risks to result in breakage or the uneven length. Applying the automatic stripping machine can solve the man-made problems and improve the efficiency of production.

This stripping machine is mainly applied to the stripping process for the ends of conductor insolation.  It is easy to operate and can be used in a wide range.

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"Dual-Side Stripping Machine" is the practical Equipment for USB4:
- CO2 Laser Wire Stripping Machine
- Metal Laser Cutting Machine
- Slide-table CO2 Laser Chopping and Stripping Machine
- Dual-Side Stripping Machine
- Step Double Pulse Welding Machine (Hotbar)


  • The machine is mainly used for stripping some special double-row cables in the cable industry, such as computer core wire (HDMI/DP/MDP/USBC Type-C/USB 3.0 series), and cable diameter AWG 26 - 36.
  • Instead of the traditional computer core wire stripping with foot/manual processing method, it’s laborsaving and enhances efficiency by clamp front and step back.
  • By moving up and down to feed cables, it shortens the distance between the blade and the holder.  It has the special wire stripped which wire cannot originally be stripped by a regular machine. It has no risk on pinching or scalding fingers.
  • With double-knives design, it synchronously processes stripping and cutting, precisely, and rapidly. The embedded air blowing, and cleaning system removes wire particles.


  • HDMI Type-A/C/D 
  • USB3.1 (Type-C)

Machine operation demo


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  • Dual-Side Stripping Machine feature
  • Dual-Side Stripping Machine feature
  • Dual-Side Stripping Machine feature
General Specifications
Model Voltage Application Air Pressure Equipment Size
SD-005A AC 220V 50/60Hz Stripping and trimming double-row cables at the same time 4~6kg/cm² L430mm

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