Car Control System Fiber Optic Cables

M.O.S.T. (Media Oriented Systems Transport) standard was made by 16 major European carmakers together in 2000. The standard specified the Plastic Optic Fiber as data transmission medium, mainly supports the entertainment information application, thereby providing transfer speed of the car information up to 900 Mbit/s. 
M.O.S.T. connects stereo, television, global positioning system and vehicle telephone device with LAN. When conducting short distance data transmissions, security aspects of information and entertainment features are especially important. 


  • Lightweight and saves automobile wiring space 
  • Data is kept away from electromagnetic interferences 
  • High rate of data transmission, big data, MOST25 standard data rate is 25 Mbps 
  • Transmit synchronous data, asynchronous data and control data 
  • Plug and Play  


  • Connection with multimedia devices 
  • Digital radio broadcasts 
  • TV displays 
  • Interactive safety systems 
  • GPS navigator systems
General Specifications
Core Material Clad Material Fiber Diameter NA Inner Jacket Material Inner Jacket Diameter Inner Jacket Color Eccentricity Inner Jacket to Core Outer Jacket Material and Color Outer Jacket Diameter Application Temperature Range Attenuation Tensile Strength at Break Point Elongation at Break Point Minimum Bending Radius
PMMA Fluorinated Polymer 1000±45 µm 0.5 PA 1510±20 µm Black <45 µm Orange PA 2300±70 µm -55~85 °C <0.20 dB/m >150 N >100% 30 mm

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