Why Are Machine-Vision Cables Important To Your Vision Systems

The Importance of Machine Vision Cable 

Industrial users prudently search machine vision cameras to find appropriate ones to meet their demands. However, the users may ignore a complimentary product, a cable. It's unwise to ignore the importance of it, the quality may even affect the overall performance. 
A quality machine vision cable can withstand industrial environments and applications. It also plays a key role to the high-quality performance in transmission and output between cameras and computers.    

The machine vision system is often applied in the fields of inspections, evaluations, and image identifications. The vision may be static or moving systems.  The constantly moving imaging head is relatively challenging in cable selections.  The spectrum of robot or metrology systems’ motions vary, from slight motion to multi-axis motion. Some cables are required to tolerate constantly moving stress from vision systems, such as collaborative robots, SCAR robots, and metrology systems.  In terms of the multi-axis-motion machine vision systems, it needs bespoke cable designs to fit the direction of the motion to release the stress from the connection points to keep its performance and its lifespan.  The key parts of cable include, the overmode of connectors, the connector material, the design of strain relief and the wire.   

Comoss' Custom Machine Vision Cable Solution

At COMOSS, we design individualized connectivity solutions, customized the overmold of connector and the grade of cable to meet the environmental constraints and the direction of machine movement. For example, if the environment is too narrow to use thick cables, we offer various outer diameters of cable for selection; or design suitable connectors according the machine movement and reinforce SR to disperse stress, making sure the cable can afford the environment and the application. Eventually, it aims to reduce the damage and the material wastage. 

When selecting a cable for machine vision, it does not just depend on a bending report that easily. There was a client who bought a machine vision cable from a manufacturer after found out it showed 10 million times in the bending test report. But after two months, he came back to us. It turned out that the cable was broken in less than two months. Let the client realize that the bending test is not the only consideration to evaluate the cable. It still depends on the overall environment, choose a suitable one is the best way to ensure the optimization of a machine vision system. This is why COMOSS emphasizes that to customize the most appropriate solution of machine vision connectors. Besides durable, our RD team also creates different design ingenuity; otherwise, bad quality and unsuitable design may cause you a lot of money on material consumption, and even shut down the whole production line, resulting in serious losses. 

Statiac Standard Cables and High Flex Cables are 100% tested

We can identify whether a cable is qualified by observing the producing process, testing report, and product life cycle. COMOSS offers three types of quality wire for you to choose from Static Standard, and High Flex, which are suitable for static & slight movement, and frequent movement respectifully. Once, a client used the static standard cable on a motion machine, surprisedly the cable was working perfectly, and although we do not encourage this application, it did prove the great quality of our cable. 
Different from the products which do not have any test report in the market, COMOSS test all the product 100% before hands over to the client. Our Golen Sample can pass the high-frequency test, and of course all the mass production. For example, long-distance USB protocol test, data packet test, frame rate test, and certification of USB-IF. In addition, for machine vision related products, we have three-stages to test the signals to ensure stable quality. 

COMOSS has been in machine vision field for over thirty years, we always insisted on the importance of quality. Though we don't spend much money on marketing, still, COMOSS has accumulated many loyal partners over these years.  

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    Camera Link

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    GigE Vision Cable (10 GigE available)

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    USB 3.0 Cable

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    USB 3.2 Waterproof Cable

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    CXP-6 Cable (Up to 40M)