Waterproof Solution

The solution solves the problem of high-humidity environment which is not suitable for electronic products. COMOSS uses a different range of technologies to achieve varying grades of waterproofing in connectors, and cable assemblies, electronic components, and electronic modules. The solution provides custom waterproof protection in either bulk volumes or high-mix low-volume. 


M series:M12, M8, M5 (more)
Contact types:solder bucket pins, PCB DIP pins, R/A PCB DIP pins 
Mounting types:rare mounting, front mounting

Cable assemblies 

Waterproof cable assemblies feature a waterproof connection on one end of assembly sealed between the mold, cable jacket and connector by waterproof overmolds. It ensures up to IP67 rated protection in harsh environment. The assembly is applicable to connecting devices to a panel or enclosure. 

  • M series  
  • USB 
  • GigE 
  • Others (by requests) 

Electronic components 

COMOSS’ low pressure molding solution encapsulates delicate electronic components insulating a water splash and the moisture.  It meets industrial grade IP rating, IP67. 
Here’s the introduction of low-pressure injection molding (LPM).