Smart Manufacturing: An Innovation to Drive Production Capacity & Improve Quality, Provide High-Mix Low-Volume, Customized Solutions Promptly

COMOSS, a solution provider, launched the smart factory in Taipei next to our HQ in 2021 to provide our clients high-mix low-volume and tailored industrial connectivity solutions. As a solution partner, COMOSS is equipped with a professional R & D team, which can develop and tailor exclusive products with our clients as partners hand in hand.

"Professional, innovative, stable, and reliable" is the philosophy of COMOSS to continue to provide clients with better services and products in the trend of Industry 4.0.

Lean Manufacturing & Digitalized Production Management

Our smart factory implements lean modular production lines and digitalized production management (including: advanced planning & schedule, smart factory MES, innovative smart storage, digitalized procedure, AOI image inspection), and continuously optimizes production efficiency and quality.

Automatic Manufacturing (Jidoka) to Replace Traditional Manual Manufacturing

COMOSS' smart production line uses automatic manufacturing (Jidoka) to replace traditional manual manufacturing to improve productivity and quality, such as: CO2 laser automatic aluminum foil striping, dual-side striping, high-frequency soldering, Hotbar double-sided automatic soldering, CO2 laser wire stripping, slide-table CO2 laser chopping and striping, metal laser cutting etc., and low-pressure molding is used to meet the waterproof requirements of components.

In the USB4 wire manufacturing process, CCD is introduced to improve the accuracy of Hotbar, and metal laser welding is used to improve welding efficiency and fineness, so our customers are confident to deliver high-quality product manufacturing tasks to COMOSS.

100% Tested Before Delivery

In addition to rigorous manufacturing procedures, all wire products we produce need to pass 100% inspection before delivery, including: load testing, eye diagram testing, USB2.0/3.2 protocol testing etc., to ensure stable quality.

Further Information: COMOSS Dong Guan Factory Tour