Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Metal Laser Cutting Machine - efficient, rapid & precise cutting

The high efficiency metal cutting equipment can obviously improve the accuracy and efficiency of metal cutting. COMOSS metal laser cutting machine models are divided into SD-063A (single-head) and SD-063B (double-head), which can be used for cutting metal braiding or winding tin plating of USB 3.1, Type-C, USB4,  SlimSAS cable/MiniSAS cable and other axial wires. The equipment can process multiple wires at the same time, with complete functions and simple operation.

COMOSS metal laser cutting machine adopts non-mechanical contact processing, no any mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the processed materials. The equipment ensures consistent processing quality of wire ends, achieves more precise cutting effects and reducing labor costs.

Advantages of Metal Laser Cutting Machine

The machine is capable to remove wire  insolation or coatings, ablating the different shapes of magnet wires or stripping composite wires in fast and precise operations. For the strip of composite wires such as flexible flat cables (FFC), USB3.1, USB4, and SlimSAS cable/MiniSAS cable coaxial cables, the outer aluminum foil of the core wire and the insulating layer of the ultra-fine wire are very troublesome. Using this device can easily solve complex multi-task manual operations.

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"Metal Laser Cutting Machine" is the practical Equipment for USB4:
- CO2 Laser Wire Stripping Machine
- Metal Laser Cutting Machine
- Slide-table CO2 Laser Chopping and Stripping Machine
- Dual-Side Stripping Machine
- Step Double Pulse Welding Machine (Hotbar)


  • Based on light sources and the applications, the machine is categorized into two types, namely Metal Laser Stripping Machine and CO2 Laser Stripping Machine.  The metal laser one keeps the shield completed, not damaging any of shields.  
  • Precisely control the stripping position, size and depth. It’s capable to strip multiple wires at the same time with its multi-function and user-friendly operation.
  • Rather than mechanical operation, no extrusion or stress from physical mechanism, the machine ensures the quality at the end of conductor in consistency and its high reliability.


  • USB4
  • SFP
  • HDMI
  • DVI
  • DP
  • Magnet wire
  • Micro-coaxial cable
  • Flexible flat cable (FFC)
  • SlimSAS cable/MiniSAS cable

SD-063A (single-sided)

SD-063B (double-sided)

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  • Metal Laser Cutting Machine feature
  • Metal Laser Cutting Machine feature
  • Metal Laser Cutting Machine feature
General Specifications
Model Voltage Power Application Equipment Size
SD-063A AC 220V 50/60Hz ≦1KW (Reference) Used for cutting aluminum foil of various twisted-pair shielded wires L90 x W115 x H165 cm
SD-063B AC 220V 50/60Hz ≦1.8KW (Reference) Used for cutting aluminum foil of various twisted-pair shielded wires L90 x W115 x H165 cm

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