Machine Vision


An often over-looked but critical component, the cable, connecting computers and cameras, plays a significant role in optimizing the performance of vision systems. The terminal link between wire and machine vision system should sustain a reliable physical and electrical link.      

With rigid internal design, COMOSS provides custom connectivity for various machine vision systems, such as detection, vision testing and measurement, verification, sorting, traceability connectors with more rigid internal design and the quality process to increase their tolerance for mechanical movement. The company also molds contacts into its connectors for improved reliability and robustness.

  • USB 3.0 Cable

    USB 3.0 Cable

  • GigE Vision Cable

    GigE Vision Cable

  • 1394b Cable

    1394b Cable

  • Type-C Cable

    Type-C Cable

  • CoaXPress Cable

    CoaXPress Cable

  • Camera Link

    Camera Link

  • Trigger Cable

    Trigger Cable

  • USB 4.0 Cable

    USB 4.0 Cable