Industrial Control System

ICS (Industrial control system) is the core of Industry 4.0 in recent years, and it combines various electromechanical components and automation components in the industry into a single control loop or distributed control systems.

The communication and connectivity among systems and devices shall relay on cables.

With over three decades of experiences in providing connectivity and transmission solutions, COMOSS is capable to solve various connectivity problems in all sort of environments by tailored solutions. The environment includes not limited to moisture, dust, high temperature, chemical, bending and winding, and vibration.

COMOSS possesses the required cable connecting to all sort of electromechanical components and systems. It doesn’t only provide various specifications, but also its engineer team designs quality connectivity solutions for your needs in high mix low volume, for instance, D-sub for PLC, M series for sensors, USB to UART/ R232 Bridge.

  • D-sub Cable

    D-sub Cable

  • M Series Cables (M8/ M12 X Code)

    M Series Cables (M8/ M12 X Code)

  • Lan Cable

    Lan Cable

  • USB to UART/RS232 Bridge

    USB to UART/RS232 Bridge

  • Trigger Cable

    Trigger Cable

  • D-sub Connector

    D-sub Connector

  • M8/M12 Series Panel Mount Connector

    M8/M12 Series Panel Mount Connector