How To Choose An Appropriate CoaXPress Cable For Your Machine Vision System

Machine vision cameras detect dead points, light spots and scratches on panels based on image capture from panels by various colors, light sources, angles, positions, etc. It relies on reliable and high-speed cables transmitting mass and high-resolution data to high-performance vision-detection systems.  

COMOSS CoaXPress 12 (CXP-12 or CoaxPress 2.0) transmits up to 12.5 Gbps in speed and is suitable for the transmission of mass image data in rapid detection, such as panels, crystal glasses, high-end fruits, etc.  

Most CoaXPress cameras need to connect two or four cables. Equipped with COMOSS CXP-12 cables, the data transmission rate reaches up to 50 Gbps. The advantage of increased bandwidth allows the original two-CoaXPress-cable connection to connect a single CXP-12 cable, which improves the frame rate and the recognition performance of cameras. The delay time from the frame grabber card to the camera trigger can reach to 100 ns.  

Normally, the space of the panel detecting device is limited. When the device or the camera move left and right or up and down, it is apt to have the cable damaged, poorly connected, or dropped off. It results the failure of detection. Therefore, when choosing CoaXPress cables, based on the design of machine vision system and operation environments, it needs to take the following elements into consideration, namely, cable reliability, the angle of connectors, the bending and twisting and other customized demands. COMOSS CXP series cables have been adopted by many well-known camera manufacturers who supply high-resolution, high-speed inspection cameras, such as JAI, ADIMEC, etc.  

The length of COMOSS CXP cables reaches up to 50M. The transmission speed of single CXP-6 cable reaches up to 6.25 Gbps, and the four-lane transmission reaches 25 Gbps. Both have passed the JIIA certification and have gained substantial trust and adoption by customers. 

COMOSS has been developing machine vision cables for a decade. Many international market research companies, such as Reports Insights, etc., have listed COMOSS as one of the major international machine vision transmission solution providers. 

  • CXP-12 Cable (Up to 30 M)

    CXP-12 Cable (Up to 30 M)

  • CXP-6 Cable (Up to 40M)

    CXP-6 Cable (Up to 40M)