How Low Pressure Molding Turn-Key Solution Helps To Stabilize Production Quality & Manage Emergent Orders

Case Background

One of our long-term partnership client, is highly recognized in the US in the electric power industry for delivering reliable products.

Our client fabricates highly accurate medium voltage sensors that requires high level waterproof overmolding for the electric cables. The cables are utilized outdoors so they must withstand any inclement weather while in proximity of high voltage lines. The overmolding is something that the client does not only to look professional but also to help prevent water intrusion.

Client’s Pain Points

Before reaching out to COMOSS, our client applied epoxy and injection molding to achieve waterproof for the electric cables by a supplier. There have been some pain points our client faced:
  1. The overmolding was inconsistent
  2. Inflexible lead time that can’t meet rush orders
  3. Delay in delivery that caused more expensive shipment cost

COMOSS LPM Turn-Key Solution

COMOSS suggested to try Low Pressure Molding (LPM) for the overmolding. Considering the client owns the production line, we recommended the turn-key solution.

COMOSS first tested and verified LPM overmolding samples in Taiwan. This included the suitable tooling design and production. After the samples were verified and proofed by the client, COMOSS delivered this LPM turn-key total solution to the client. The solution covers the LPM equipment, tooling and on-site setup & technique training.

Our team delivered the equipment and tooling to client’s factory, set the parameters of the LPM equipment, and offered a 3-days technique training to client’s engineers. This helped the client perfectly duplicate the successful e application of LPM overmolding to their electric cable.

Client’s Feedback

Once our client introduced the LPM turn-key solution into production, they had this to say: “The LPM helped us immediately. Nearly all the above issues are remedied by having this machine in house.” --- Client testimony

It’s more efficient comparing to only buying a LPM equipment from other manufacturer, and the technique training is hands-on.

In fact, the client e is considering purchasing more LPM equipment for greater throughput with our turn-key solution!

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