How Does COMOSS Help Its Customer To Make A Cost-effective USB 2.0 Solution

COMOSS has collaboratively worked with a multi-national tycoon for over a decade and has been one of the key suppliers of the firms that their subsidiaries locate in different countries. The procurement and the product verification approval of the conglomerate work independently in each country.  
The subsidiary in South American, demanded a USB2.0 cable.  Its specification is listed below: 
Length: 1 meter in length  
End A: A type 
End B: B type 
30Awg/ 2C + 30Awg/ 1TP 
Copper foil 
4.5 mm O.D. 
The specification would increase the cost and incur the difficult of assembly process comparing other options.  The engineer team at COMOSS proposed another option of solution which could help the customer reduce costs and keep the same data transmission quality and performance.  
Here’s the wire option: 
27Awg/ 2C + 28Awg/ 1TP 
Aluminum foil 
4.32 mm O.D. 
The giant concerned the proposed cable which might take longer verification procedures.  Still COMOSS team acknowledged the alternative one would benefit the customer more than their requested one while the proposed wire would reduce the customer's expense and keep its performance.  Hence, COMOSS delivered both wires to the customer to validate the performance.   
It took 2 months to test both wires.  The customer finally agreed to take the proposed cable and they acknowledged COMOSS' team did provide a better solution and value to its partners.  Rather than providing products, the team would help the customer to evaluate which solution gives more value to customers.