Step Double Pulse Welding Machine (Hotbar)

Step double pulse welding machine (Hotbar) - meets the precise welding requirements for high-end products

In this method, current is applied to the welding object while pressure is applied, and the generated Joule heat is used for welding. Traditional manual soldering is prone to short-circuit with tin, especially for products with thinner wires and dense circuits. Comparing with manual welding, it can effectively:

       1.  Improve welding quality, such as a solder bridge problem
       2.  Save costs, for instance, free from scrapped products
       3.  Work efficiently, for example, laborsaving

Hotbar multi-function welding machine

This machine is multifunctional welding machine, applicable to welding for a variety of high-end precision products, such as: DP, Mini-DP, HDMI-A, C, D, PCB‘A, USB 3.1 (USB Type-C), USB4 welding for connector and welding for wires, SlimSAS cable/MiniSAS cable; and one-side/two-sides welding for many other high-end precision products. The machine works in high efficiency, has excellent quality and outstanding stability.

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"Step Double Pulse Welding Machine" is the practical Equipment for USB4:
- CO2 Laser Wire Stripping Machine
- Metal Laser Cutting Machine
- Slide-table CO2 Laser Chopping and Stripping Machine
- Dual-Side Stripping Machine
- Step Double Pulse Welding Machine (Hotbar)


  • Using high-end chip to control system, user friendly, high accuracy, and stability.
  • Adopting high speed temperature controller to control temperature, the instant and precise reaction meets welding requirement for high-end precision products.
  • It can precisely weld the tiny core and the high density of land by using a high precision ball-screw module.
  • The machine has automatic cooling system. It features rugged and durable.
  • High efficiency: soldering time is within 5-7 seconds.
  • Compact size, its mobility has the production line easily make an adjustment by the production need.


  • DP, Mini-DP
  • HDMI A, C, D
  • USB 3.1 (Type-C)
  • SlimSAS cable/MiniSAS cable

Machine operation demo - welding the thin wires

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  • Step Double Pulse Welding Machine (Hotbar) feature
  • Step Double Pulse Welding Machine (Hotbar) feature
  • Step Double Pulse Welding Machine (Hotbar) feature
General Specifications
Model Voltage Power Application Equipment Kinetic Energy Air Pressure Equipment Size
SD-003A AC 220V 50Hz 1000W~2500W (Optional) Connectors and wires are soldered on both sides at the same time. Electric Energy 4~6kg /cm² L600 * W600 * H1450mm

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