How Do You Choose A Proper Cable Manufacturing Machine To Improve Productivity?

Automation production is gradually adapting by manufacturing worldwide, it can not only reduce the labor cost but also avoid personal factor mistakes. Eventually, helping the enterprise to improve productivity and use talented efficiency. 
When a high-speed cable is processed and assembled because of its delicate cores, it must use a precision instrument to deal with it to lower the materials wastage and defect loss. 
There’re varieties cable assembly equipment in the market. How do you make a right and proper decision? 
You may take the factors below into consideration: 
  • Brand professional 
  • The category is in a full range 
  • The precision of the machine operation 
  • Failure rate 
  • After-sales service and employee training 
Besides, different circumstances or applications must be considered too. 
Taking the CO2 laser stripping machine as an example, if the mylar was not dealing well, it will affect the tinning. Sequentially, the metal cutting machine can't strip bracketed wire completely. The conductor will be in adhesion which leads to short circuit. As for Hotbar, it need to consider the efficiency, soldered joint size, and how the jig was designed. 
At the beginning of this year, a Taiwan cable assembly manufacturer has cooperated with us. Because the original production line can't afford the USB high-speed manufacturing. For instance, the customer’s the stripping machine performed poor in power and wavelength. It resulted the shield was in remnant in stripped part.  Consequently, the welding machine could only be welded in a single aspect. Besides, though the factory possessed cable stripping machines, it still needed workers to peel off the shield which was easy to damage the conductor...etc. Therefore, they wanted to develop automation production to meet their production demand. With COMOSS automation machines and the turnkey solution, the whole production can produce 1000 cables/day, which is more than 400 cables than the original capacity. 
Over some time, the client said they need a mold for switching different jigs in a short time. Despite this kind of situation is uncommon and we don't have any of it, to solve the customer’s problem, COMOSS immediately sets up a team and promise them we'll deliver it shortly. 
Choosing a suitable machine can improve productivity; high-quality after-sales service can accelerate your problems. COMOSS, your solution provider. 

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