High Flex Cable

In order to maintain high-speed transmission and high durability at the same time, the digital interface cable for machine vision should be given consideration to its wiring and laying. And when it comes to moving requirement in a machine or equipment, the high flex cable, highly flexible cable, or continuous flex cable will be required as the key component to withstand extreme flexing conditions.

What a High Flex cable can do?

Comoss is a professional manufacturer with excellent capability to customize the high flex cable, or so called highly flexible cable, or high performance cable, and continuous flex cable. Comoss provides a wide range of high flexible cables to cope with different aspects and working environment, such as the situations from bending, sliding, and twisting preferences.

How to best utilizing the High Flexible Cable?

To make the best of the highly flexing cable and to improve the cable life and extend its stability, here are some tips for setting up the high flexible cable in a moving situation or robotic graded machinery.  
* Bending radius
To prevent unexpected disconnection accident, the bending radius of a constantly motion cable or continuous flex cable should be at least 7.5 times the cable outer diameter and should be as large as possible. The minimum request will be at least more than 4 times whether it is braided coaxial cable, PE (PVC) sheath cable, or (no shield) cable with braided shield.
* Cable placement
The high flexibility cable or the ultra flex cable is suggested to be placed in a cable carrier or drag chain under a flat state. Please make sure that cables do not cross each other or overlap. Keep the cables clean and with sufficient margin in partition plate so as to avoid interference between the cables.
* Cable length
Make sure each one of the high flex cable or high flexible cable comes with optimum cable length when installing in any situation and the cable carrier or drag chain. If the cable is too short, it will become clumped during process, and the cable and carrier rub against each other, resulting in troubles such as scraping of the sheath. On the contrary, if it goes too long, the cable life will be shortened due to the scraped sheath and it will easily interfere with other cables etc.
* Cable fixing method
Do not fix the highly flexible cable in the middle or the moving portion of it.
Please fix the cable to a non-moving part, especially located on both ends of the cable carrier.
* Mixing cables with different outer diameter (OD.)
When placing cables with greatly different outer diameters, separate them by placing a partition plate between them. Thus, the cable with small outer diameter will not be damaged by load from a cable with large outer diameter.

What can be offered in a High Flexibility Cable?

The highlight of the high flexibility and performance is the latest released version of flexing cable with over 10 million bending life cycle, and even thinner outer diameter . The characteristic of its durability is also at least doubled onto Comoss original well-reputed high flex cable with millions of bending abilities. Comoss offers high flex cables in the following technical specifications and characteristics. 
The high flex bulk cable is highly developed with associated partner OKI from Japan.