POF Patch Cord

Plastic optical fiber (Plastic Optical Fiber, POF) has been developed for a long time. At present, the demand for optical fiber is still dominated by Europe, the United States, and Japan. Among them, Japan has the most mature manufacturing and development technology and is widely used in industry, defense, transportation, communications, medicine., aviation, lighting and other fields.

The plastic optical fiber material uses PMMA as the inner layer, and the outer layer is covered with fluorinated resin to completely reflect the incoming light source back to the inner layer for conduction. The fiber optic lighting system generally consists of three parts: a light source, an optical fiber, and a light source emitting end. The general light source generator can be composed of four parts: light source, reflector, color filter and fan. The light source emitting end is selected according to the lighting requirements and the artistic effect of decoration. There are two types of plastic optical fibers used in the industry: extrusion method and interface gel method. 

COMOSS’ plastic optical fiber materials require low luminous attenuation, low dispersion, and high stability. The plastic optical fiber cable provided by COMOSS is suitable for the following environments: 
■An inexpensive transmission medium for short distances (less than 150 meters in length). 
■Applicable to all walks of life (car network, automatic control, audio and home network, Netcom Networking, etc.). 
■The advantage of this product is that it is not subject to electromagnetic interference and can be laid out with heavy (weak) electric lines and pipelines, even in water pipes. 
POF patch cord/Toslink 
Different from the problem that traditional cables use metal conductors for transmission and are also affected by environmental interference, plastic optical fiber jumpers are compatible with high EMI environments and can be used for communications in lighting equipment and audio-visual equipment (DVD, MD, Audio AMP, Speaker, Game) Interface and multimedia wiring system. 

It can meet the short-distance transmission of any optical communication industrial network, optical communication medical treatment or data communication system. 


  • Effectively improve the attenuation, communication quality, and  the transmission quality of sound and signal. 
  • Toslink, 3.5mm Mini Plug, HFBR 4501/4511/4506/4516, SMA and other connectors are available to supply based on the equipment interface requirements. 
  • No electromagnetic interference, high stability and sensitivity, easy operation, high confidentiality, low attenuation, high frequency bandwidth, easy assembly and installation. 
  • The color of wire,  its outer diameter, the length of the wire, and the type of joint can be customized by requests. 
  • The precise polishing of the optical fiber connector terminals creates better signal quality transmission and better high frequency transmission. 


  • Optical communication transmission 
  • Optical communication medical treatment 
  • Data communication system 
  • POF Patch Cord feature
  • POF Patch Cord feature
  • POF Patch Cord feature
General Specifications
Description Connector Style Number of Pins Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Installation Temperature Durability, Mating Cycles
- - - ‐40~85 °C ‐40~85 °C 0~70 °C 500
Simplex Connector HFBR 4501 1 - - - -
Duplex Latching HFBR 4506 2 - - - -
Duplex Latching HEBR 4516 2 - - - -
Simplex Toslink 1 - - - -
S: Step Index. (S.I.) Duplex/Simplex 2/1 - - - -
G: Graded Index. (G.I.) Duplex/Simplex 2/1 - - - -
Idb1394 (M.O.S.T) Simplex POF MOST Cable 1 - - - -

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