Custom Cable Assembly

Customized Machine Vision Cables

COMOSS provides custom cable assembly services throughout the entire Machine Vision cable market and also in IT industry. Our capability serves as manufacturing various connectors, wire harnesses, cable assemblies, PCB components, and visual cable products including USB 3.0, Type C, Gigabit Ethernet, 1394b, Camera Link, and CoaXPress. Cable and connector with high frequency transmission scheme is also dominant ability.

The Latest Technology In Development

In order to meet the needs adapted to the current situation, and achieve high quality standard products, COMOSS is aggressively to attend and join as a member of various associations, such as USB Association, AIA, CMVU, JIIA 1394TA, HDMI Association, American Plastic Optical Fiber Association (POFTO), etc., and irregularly participate in new specifications and technical seminars to insight the latest product’s application and create new development on the right direction and future technology.

The Advantages and Applications In Fields

For the purpose of serving global trading partners, COMOSS provides procurement services, design solutions, mold development, professional manufacturing, cost analysis, automation capabilities and other project content. With over 30 years of manufacturing experience and strong support for R&D projects, we have the ability to be one of the leading players in “commercializing the customer's vision” to achieve a win-win situation in quality manufacturing, demand fulfillment to our end customers when it comes to Industrial Automation, AOI, Vision field, System Integration, Military, Transportation, Communication, Medical and IT field.

  • POF Patch Cord

    POF Patch Cord

  • Trigger Cable

    Trigger Cable

  • USB4 Cable

    USB4 Cable

  • USB 3.2 Waterproof Cable

    USB 3.2 Waterproof Cable

  • M Series Cables (M8/ M12 X Code)

    M Series Cables (M8/ M12 X Code)

  • USB AOC Cable (Up to 30M)

    USB AOC Cable (Up to 30M)

  • USB 3.0 Cable (Up to 15M)

    USB 3.0 Cable (Up to 15M)

  • CXP-12 Cable (Up to 30 M)

    CXP-12 Cable (Up to 30 M)