Lan Cable

An Ethernet cable is an integral part of a LAN network. This is a cable that links devices within a network. There are different types of Ethernet cables such as Cat 5e LAN cable, Cat 6 LAN cable. 

CAT5e are twisted pair cables that come with a maximum frequency of 100MHz to support up to 100Mbpts data transmission rates., while CAT6 cables support 10 Gigabit data rates and the maximum frequency in 250MHz. 

COMOSS possesses  a variety of overmolds. The cable can be provided in different colors. The high-mix low-volume manufacturing in customization is available. 


  • Various overmolds, length, shielding and color options
  • Two wiring schemes–T568A and T568B–are used to terminate the twisted-pair cable onto the connector interface
  • Unshielded or shielded options
  • High-mix, low-volume manufacturing
  • Offer M12 D/ X solution


  • IIoT devices and equipment
  • Industry 4.0 networking transmission
  • IoT home networking appliance
  • Lan Cable feature
  • Lan Cable feature
  • Lan Cable feature
General Specifications
Product Name Connector Style Gender Number of Pins
Cat 5e Lan cable, Cat 6 Lan Cable 8P8C, 10P10C, 10P8C Male/Female 8P8C, 10P10C, 10P8C

Customized Service

Data Sheet

File Type Product Name File Name Version Size
PDF Cat6-8L-8S-X-X-0 COMOSS Cat6-8L-8S-X-X-0_Product Drawing.pdf 66.92 KB
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