COMOSS【Industrial System Control Series】New Products Launch

Product Features:
  • Compliant with IEC 61076 Standard with IP67 rating
  • Customized product label, package, cable length, and terminal style
  • M8 / M12 straight or Right Angle with different Connector Orientation to optimized installation
Suitable for:
  • Sensor, Ethernet networking, and control system for industrial field
  • Outdoor application like security camera, lighting, and billboard
  • Battery Manage System (BMS) for e-Bike or scooter
  • Suitable for different field application like High End static / Drag Chain / Robotic 
  • For power deliver or signal transmission with cable shielding
  • M Series Cables (M8/ M12 X Code)

    M Series Cables (M8/ M12 X Code)

  • M8/M12 Series Panel Mount Connector

    M8/M12 Series Panel Mount Connector

  • Trigger Cable

    Trigger Cable

  • USB to UART/RS232 Bridge

    USB to UART/RS232 Bridge

  • D-sub Cable

    D-sub Cable

  • D-sub Connector

    D-sub Connector

  • Lan Cable

    Lan Cable