Autonomation (Jidoka): The Key for Better Productivity and Quality

In the era of Industry 4.0, one of the key points of production management is to optimize the output efficiency and quality at the same time by means of "autonomation". Therefore, we have recently introduced the production process of [automatic soldering for circular connectors] and [hotbar double-sided automatic soldering for USB3.0/USB4/Type-C]. Through the assistance of autonomation with equipment, both the capacity and quality of production have been improved.

This is a good new for Comoss’ clients as they can benefit from the fast delivery and high quality. COMOSS can also effectively control the quality, reduce the cost that many manufacturers tend to spend on defective products, and return this economic benefit to clients again .

[Automatic soldering for circular connectors]
Automatic soldering for circular connectors effectively solves the problem that in the past when manually soldering M series connectors, the more pins there are, the yield rate tends to decrease inversely. Even 12-pin soldering can stabilize the output.

[hotbar double-sided automatic soldering for USB3.0 active cable]

The optimized USB3.0 production process can achieve the hotbar double-sided automatic soldering for the active cables, and the soldering of the PCB board on the active cable can be completed in one action. Compared with the production of the same type of products in the past, this is more effective and only requires half time, and the soldering alignment is more accurate. Hotbar double-sided automatic soldering can apply on USB3.0, USB Type-C, USB4, and HDMI etc.

COMOSS provides all kinds of standard cable products/customized cable OEM, as well as the smart factory turn key solutions that can meet all your inquiries.