【Activities】Machine Vision Workshop

For the first time, COMOSS is going to holding a workshop! AI machine vision, manufacturing around the world pays a lot of attention to it. Especially after the pandemic, requirements for automation rapidly increase. We invited experts from upstream, midstream, and downstream to sharing their experiences. Come join us on Facebook live stream.

Location:Facebook Live Stream


15:05-15:10 | 昕鈺實業股份有限公司 | 開場致詞 | Eden Tsai, 執行長
15:10-15:30 | GLÜCK 倢恩科技 | 高度客製化AOI系統的未來趨勢與挑戰 | 邱威堯, 博士
15:30-15:50 | AIWin慧穩科技股份有限公司 | Domain AI SaaS(讓人人都會AI) | 林耿呈, 博士
16:05-16:25 | PowerArena | 工廠數位轉型 - AI影像應用於人因分析 | 鄭詩懷, 商務開發總監
16:25-16:45 | 昕鈺實業股份有限公司 | COMOSS 面對未來昕鈺的轉型分享與挑戰 | Eden Tsai, 執行長