【Activities】4-Day Trip to Taiwan's East Rift Valley 200 km - Hero's Journey - Day 4

Day 4 Chenggong – Taitung

After tough challenge on Yuchang Highway yesterday, today is nothing but an easy day. 

After warming up, everyone rode along Taiwan Route 11. The first stop came to eyes was the Baonon Bikeway. With the company of Pacific Ocean on the left and the coast mountains on the right, it actually formed an endless beautiful line of sight in front of us. The coconut shadow swayed, accompanied by the sparsely crowded people, the secret path of the riding was extraordinary beautiful. And it inadvertently retained the most original style. As the time goes by, the old and unused bus station has become a place of break time for passengers.

Baonon Bikeway
The origin of the "Baonon", mentioned in the Chenggong Zhengzi history chapter, the Ami Paongowan means "high place"; the other term refers to a nearby mountain between Kanatoron Creek and Chiinawan Creek, which the Ami people call it Paongowan. It has a total length about 3.55 kilometers. And thanks to its nearby Taiwan Route 11, it actually replaced this once important road connecting the south and north side.

After leaving Baonon Bikeway, the next stop is Donghe Bridge. 
We tasted some Donghe meat buns while taking a short break there. Our energy was soon to recover. Everyone took a picture for memory in front of the old Donghe Bridge.
The old Donghe Bridge, originally named "Ji'an Bridge", was built in 1930, connecting the Donghe Tribe and the Taiyuan Basin. It was also the only way to Xingang. In 1953, it was rebuilt due to a devasting damage by a typhoon.
About noon time, we reached to the second stop - Xindong Sugar Factory. Thanks to yesterday’s challenge, we had a lot of places added in to rest in today’s bike tour. What a pleasant and relaxing day it was today!
Xindong Sugar Factory (also known as Dulan Sugar Factory) is a private sugar factory located in Dulan Village, Donghe Township, Taitung County, Taiwan. In early time, it was the only manufacturer from the Complex of factory buildings. It stopped its sugar manufacturing business in 1991. In 2001, it was rebuilt to a cultural and creative park for artists, craftsmen, tourists to visit.

After a short break during lunch, we were riding toward our final destination. It was not long, but everyone should take cautions on the riding in the city area. And finally, we saw "Taitung Air Station" just in front of us. It means the four-day bike trip to Taiwan’s east rift valley was about to finish. However, it was not the end, but a new beginning! Everybody nodded and agreed to meet up next year! The all brand new adventure and challenge will soon to begin.
Life is full of every challenge. Needless to say, every challenge delivers a precious experience and nutrition to life too.
So, why not go for it