【Activities】4-Day Trip to Taiwan's East Rift Valley 200 km - Hero's Journey - Day 3

Day 3 Ruisui – Chenggong

Today we were going to challenge the Yuchang Road and rested for a night at the well-known Coconut Forest Hot Spring Hotel. Everyone was well prepared and equipped for the highlight of today.
After the departure, we first arrived at the "Ji Jheng Ranch" located in Ruisui, the place where fresh milk was made. Relying on its geographical location, it nurtured a famous brand "Ruisui Fresh Milk" which was commonly seen in many supermarkets. Everyone just couldn’t help but taste another famous food – the fresh milk buns from here. During the stay at this quiet ranch, everybody immersed in this atmosphere, and quietly overlooking the Xiuguluan River, or taking a stroll by the river.

Leaving the "Ji Jheng Ranch" all the way to the restaurant, riding back to the "193 County Road" and slowly approaching the "Yuchang Road".

After the noon break, the highlight of our heroic journey began - challenging the "Yuchang Road". Before the ride, we were divided into four groups and the departure time was divided into sections. This challenge was also a group game. Every team was so excited and actively take the challenge. Facing the endless slopes one another, no one gave up on each other. Teammates were encouraging each other naturally. Which led to the power of the driving force. 
The clock was ticking. Everybody was tired not simply from the sore legs. However, the determination to complete the challenge had never worn out. Instead, it brought us the ultimate achievement and joy.
If you had never try it, how would you know you couldn’t succeed?
The challenge was so successful. Of course, we took a picture to memorize the historic moment in front of the tunnel. Peace ~

Saying goodbye to Yuchang Road, we were riding forward and the downhill was all the way. The feeling was calm and easy by the wind from the Pacific Ocean just aside the mountain. Before sunset, we hit the hotel and were ready to reward the exhausted body and mind.
On this day, the ride was 47Km and mission, Challenge of Yuchang Road, nailed it.