【Activities】4-Day Trip to Taiwan's East Rift Valley 200 km - Hero's Journey - Day 2

Day 2 Fenglin – Ruisui

On a quiet morning, everyone packed up their bags for the 2nd day’s journey. Before setting off, everyone did a warm-up exercise and a mini-game to self-assess for the next three days and shared it with each other. This was interesting. Through the process, everyone knew how to absorb the nutrients that the journey would bring, and it would also bring good deal of fortune for everyone in the future.

Principal's DreamWorks
Formerly known as the "Fenglin Branch of Chief Executive's Dormitory", it was built in 1929, and was renovated into a museum. In 2004, it was named "Principal’s DreamWorks".
The Hakkas said something like this: "Meinong came out of PhD. FengLin came out of principal." Originated from the simple Hakka village, many early Ph.D. were born in Kaohsiung-Meinong, and Fenglin Town, Hualien on the other side of Taiwan has cultivated more than 100 principals.
The first stop of the itinerary is Morisaka and MasadiForest Park. The natural forest is full of fresh oxygen, negative ions, and Phytoncide. Fresh oxygen makes the vitality of cells in the body more active. Tree is not only the main oxygen generator of the earth, but also a natural purifier. We used to stay in the city. But now, we had a chance to enjoy a high-oxygen forest bath.

At noon, we stopped at the "Red Tile House Restaurant." Which is the first restaurant in the traditional Mataian area. It has been in business for 30 years. The restaurant is full of art and delicacy from Amis style. Everybody enjoyed it very much and prepared for the afternoon challenge. 
From the narrow path to the main road, we came to the first stop - Hualien Sugar Factory. The coach from Giant prepared local ice products for everyone. After a short rest, we headed for the hot-spring hotel where we would stay for a night. And everyone was all looking forward to it.
As we moved forward, the views of peaks of mountains and fresh rice spikes along the way made people reluctant to blink their eyes for it. Although we were exhausted, the beautiful scenery also made us forget about 100K fatigue.At sunset, it came to our eyes the hot-spring hotel. But another challenge was there. There was a steep slope at the front of the hotel. It seemed to tell us that this was just a beginning though we had become familiar with the bike skills, as we would fight for the most challenging tour - Yuchang Road the next day.
On 2nd day, we accomplished 47K.