A Guide to Choose Low Pressure Molding (LPM) Service Provider: Experienced in the Industry and Projects Is the Key

When more clients choose the eco-friendly "Low Pressure Molding (LPM)" to replace the traditional potting process, it proves LPM can effectively solve the pain points, such as: take many process steps, long time for curing, and inability to ensure waterproofing above IP67. LPM elevate efficient manufacturing and product performance.

In our experience of providing LPM service, clients feedback LPM effectively achieve IP67 or above waterproof/dustproof/impact protection requirements for electronic components whilst saving time, space, and manpower cost.

Upon agreeing the benefits of LPM in manufacturing process, it comes an even more important issue: How to select the appropriate LPM service provider? it requires comprehensive consideration of technology and industry experience. Below are some of COMOSS LPM services advantages:


Stable manufacturing ensures the production quality

With long-term partnerships with well-known LPM equipment manufacturers, COMOSS can advise the best LPM equipment for targeted products. COMOSS’ professional evaluation and suggestion for the projects ensures stable quality of LPM process.

Experienced in the cable and connector molding provides exclusive production solution

COMOSS originally applied LPM in cable assembly and began to provide clients with LPM value-added services in 2021, applicable in various emerging industries, such as e-bike, auto industry, marine, sensor, and PCB encapsulation.

COMOSS provides value-added services refined from LPM project experiences to solve clients’ pain points, such as offering "common mold base" so that clients can only contract the cavity/core to save the mold cost. Meanwhile, the mold design allows "quick cavity/core set-up" without repositioning to save process time.

Extensive industry experiences to offer total solution one-stop service

With more than 35 years experiences, COMOSS is the expert in waterproofing and weather-resistant solutions for cables and connectors. COMOSS provides total solution one-stop service: the project managers and mechanical engineer will assist clients to evaluate the projects and provide the solution proposal & DFM. Then, mechanical engineer takes care in design/produce/verification. From project evaluation to execution, COMOSS’ sufficient industrial experience can minimize most potential problems.

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    Low Pressure Molding (LPM)