USB4 Cable


【High Quality USB4 Cable】Micro-Coaxial Cable

The advantage of USB Type-C is its compact size, and micro-coaxial which need the precise and sophisticated assembly production. The high-quality USB4 cable relies on automation and a precise manufacturing process.

【High Speed  USB4 Cable】High-Speed Signal Design

The USB4 cable transmission quality depends on mechanical design and experienced assembly production. COMOSS team involves electronic, mechanical, process and validation engineers to ensure the reliability.

【Productive Proccess for USB4 Cable】Automatic Laser Stripping Machine

The stripper with optical lens automatically processes in focusing, cutting and identifying Mylar and metal shields. The Hotbar machine instantly and precisely welds the tiny structure of cable to meet the quality.

USB4 certification, TID7618.


  • USB C interface
  • 240 W PD
  • 40 G/S transmission rate
  • Comply with Thunderbolt 3
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Coaxial cable


  • Surveillance System
  • Automatic Optical Inspection
  • Image Inspection Application
  • Visual Positioning Application
  • Object Measurement/Sorting Application

General Specifications
Product Name Connector Type Power Delivery Support Length
USB4 Gen 2 Type-C Yes Up to 2M
USB4 Gen 3 Type-C Yes Up to 1M

Customized Service

Data Sheet

File Type Product Name File Name Version Size
PDF COMOSS USB4 Cable_Datasheet COMOSS USB4 Cable_Datasheet.pdf 212.68 KB
PDF 昕鈺 USB4 線_規格書 昕鈺 USB4 線_規格書.pdf 553.38 KB
PDF USB4C-TC-TC-0.8M Gen 3_Product Drawing COMOSS USB4C-TC-TC-0.8M Gen 3_Product Drawing.pdf 126.28 KB
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