POF Media Converter



Gigabits POF transceivers. It supports full-duplex and high-speed data transmission on SI-POF Cable.
It is 1000 HS-BASE-P, Wavelength 650nm at optical side; through particular solution make this Giga Media Converter could fully support 1000Mbps. This product is really plug-and-play and unnecessary any additional settings.
The Giga Media Converter Prototype for SI-POF is fully compatible for 802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet and 802.3 HS-BASE-P Fast Ethernet data communication standard. Their solutions are in any Fast Ethernet LAN, FTTH or xDSL applications.

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100Mbps POF Media Converter

high-speed data transmission in POF interface. LED indicators are used to display power status of converter, link/ active status of FX port and link/ active status of RJ-45 port. This product is really plug-and-play and requires no additional settings. Th