Automatic Welding Machine

  • This machine is a multi-function pulse welding machine which is suitable for welding various high-end precision products.
  • All types of PCB'A (USB C TYPE) connector welding and welding wire, and other high-end precision products welding.
  • High precision module is used to realize the precision welding of small PIN bit connector.

Multi-Function Welding Machine Features

  • High speed temperature controller is used to control the temperature, the reaction speed is fast and accurate.
  • With the welding requirements of high-end precision products, single side welding mode and double side welding function can be selected.
  • High efficiency, good quality and better stability.

High Frequency Welding Machine

  • This machine is a multi-function welding machine, suitable for welding of various high-end precision products and single/double welding of high-end precision products, such as HDMI, DP, mini-dp and USB3.0 series products.
  • With the accuracy of small PIN bit connection, and also use high-end high frequency module, with fast welding speed. Welding can be completed every 1 second.
  • High efficiency, good quality, better stability.

High Frequency Welding Features

  • Using high frequency module, high-end welding speed is fast.
  • Precision welding with small PIN bit connector.
  • The welding can be completed in 1 second.

Double-Sides Peeling Machine

  • At present, the wire industry and some special double-row cable, such as computer core cable (HDMI/DP/MDP/ USB3.0 series), wire diameter awg26-36 cable can be used for this machine.
  • From the traditional computer core wire peeling with foot/manual processing method, improve the way of clamp front and step back , save effort, and improve efficiency.
  • Special wires that cannot be peeled are used in this machine without the worry of pinching or scalding fingers.

Double-Sides Peeling Features

  • HDMI C TYPE, DISPLAYPORT, MIN DISPLAYPORT and other products can be peeled at the same time.
  • Suitable for 24-34AWG core wire peeling.
  • Stable performance, high precision, easy to operate.

Low Pressure Molding Machine

  • For use in product injection systems, replace the epoxy-perfusion/taping process to protect vulnerable electronic components. 
  • Wrap wires and connectors more closely together without damaging the components than previous pressure-free perfusion methods.

Low Pressure Molding Features

  • Compact structure, good stability, high efficiency and saving working hours.
  • Rapid molding can control the coating position and shape.
  • Molding also has insulation and waterproof functions.

horizontal injection molding machine

  • The new optimized high drive servo hydraulic power system combines intelligent motion control technology.
  • The full closed-loop control improves the injection precision, makes the operation more stable, has higher efficiency, and meet the requirements excellently.
  • For example electronic consumer products, industrial control, automobile, medical... Such as wire connector appearance of diversified requirements.

horizontal injection molding machine features

  • New high drive servo system.

  • The overall design and construction are improved.

  • Full closed loop injection, high repeatability.

  • Excellent injection stability.


  • 600 MHz bandwidth across all 4 analog channels
  • 10 GSa/s max. sample rate
  • Standard 20 Mpts per channel memory, upgradeable to 1 Gpts


  • Scope - The powerful features of our In!niium Series oscilloscopes with In!niiScan advanced triggering coupled with superior speci!cations give you precise signal representation
  • Logic Analyzer -  Add 16 integrated, deep-memory digital channels to see critical data values and timing relationships. Choose MSO9064A
  • Protocol analyzer - Choose integrated protocol viewers to quickly drill down into packets and time correlate between protocol and physical layers

Tektronix TDS2024 200 MHz 4 Channel

  • With up to 200 MHz bandwidth and 2 GS/s maximum sample rate, no other color digital storage oscilloscope o"ers as much bandwidth and sample rate for the price.
  • The TDS1000 and TDS2000 Series oscilloscopes provide accurate real-time acquisition up to their full bandwidth.
  • These instruments o"er advanced triggering, such as pulse width triggering and line-selectable video triggering, and 11 standard automatic measurements on all models.
  • The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) math function allows the user to analyze, characterize and troubleshoot circuits by viewing frequency and signal strength (standard).

Tektronix DSA8300 Digital Sampling Oscilloscope

  • The DSA8300 supports digital sampling up to 12.5 GHz and TDR attained 17.5ps rise time in dual channel output, o"ering the precise measurement of time domain such as impedance, crosstalk, propagation delay, skew, jitter and eyes pattern¡ etc.


Anritsu MP1632C

  • Easy to View, Superb Operability
  • Eye margin measurement for evaluating waveform quality
  • High-Quality Pulse Pattern Generator
  • Error Detector with Many Functions
  • Internal synthesizer with High Signal Purity (Option)
  • Support of Various Applications

  • The MP1632C supports pulse pattern generation and BERT detection from 10MHz to 3.2GHz, o"ering the precise measurement of time domain such as skew, jitter, eyes pattern and BERT¡ etc.