M. F. Cultural Foundation

受人涓滴 湧泉以報
仁心德厚 以德傳家
Take from society and give back to society
Inheritance of Chinese culture
Pursue happy corporate culture and positively participate a better Taiwan
The origin of “M. F.” is coming from my mom and dad’s name. With my pure heart, I sincerely pass down blessing and happiness to our next generation.
S.Y. Tsai

  • Growth: From personal growth drive company growth, from company growth create all member’s happiness.
  • Reformation: Understand yourself, cultivate yourself, reduce weakness and increase strengths. Adapt to the environment, always looking for new opportunity and avoid risk.
  • Creation: Systematized, institutionalized, and commercialized those forward-looking ideas.
    We care about energy saving, environment protection and social responsibility. We educate our children to be polite and positive manner. COMOSS spirit continuously influence all our member and our group from the day that COMOSS established.