Origin of COMOSS
I was on a plane to the US 30 years ago of today and I was troubled naming my new company. At that time, I was reading the Central Daily News (中央日報) from Taiwan and there was a special report for middle class group of people. It was written by Hong-Syu Chen. The ‘Growing Moss over the Yuppie ’.
First, so called ‘Moss’ pay a lot of attention on children’s education and care about their talents development. They changed their focuses from salary to job titles when the young stepped into the society to when they were 30 more. After pursuing achievements in their work when they settled down in their careers, they concentrated on if their next generation better or smarter than their young peers. These always became the core of the competition or main topic between them. In addition, more of them have learned to put higher standard to their taste to the life, more to the leisure activities and enjoy more but not addict to them. Moss always stood on the top edge of the world in every aspect, they all shared the ups and downs of their careers and all involved in the economy of our country.

All at the sudden, the name of the company, COMOSS, was inspired by this particular report. NOW, the origin of this company is established and managed by a group of MOSS people. From the day one we walked into this company, we could not help ourselves becoming part of MOSS. More or less, so called the spirit of COMOSS (昕鈺) got into the minds of all members of Moss gradually.

In the past two decades, when the world was changing, we began from a small firm to grow up into a mid-size, from the age of a single employ taking multiple jobs to now individuals working as a team. The spirit of Moss certainly need to up-grade due to adopting into next generation.
S.Y. Tsai
We believe, Quick access to global marketplace is the only way to succeed in the coming decades. COMOSS, a specialized turnkey manufacturer in the field of connectors, custom cable assemblies, computer peripherals and Plastic Optical Fiber accessories. For more than 30 years experience, COMOSS is a reliable partner that you can trust. For all your needs, contact us today.
Sourcing, Design, Tooling, Manufacturing, Automation
To be your business partner in Asia, COMOSS provide
following services:
  • Design proposal
  • Produce-ability Study
  • Automation capability
  • First article preparing
  • Tooling design and fabrication
  • Cost saving analysis
  • Manufacturing capability

Environment Policy
  • Prevent environmental pollution, develop environment management system continuously.
  • Obey-We laws, legislations and all requirements of the environment; reduce and restrict the use of certain hazardous substances.
  • Save resources and recycle them, pay much attention to environment and economic interests, advocate green producing to be an environment-protecting factory.
  • Let all workers know the importance of protecting the environment through efficient training.